Fabrizio - freelancer landscape photographer


Driven by passion, professionalism and ambition. I capture life, moments, emotions, impressions to deliver uniqueness.


It is said that a photo is worth thousands words. Moments frozen in time that transform photography into art. A strong work ethic to ensure the uniqueness and beauty of my images. A trustworthy and everlasting interaction with YOU aiming at delivering the best fine art photography to proudly show, enjoy and add into your life.


I am a NIKON photographer that uses a variety of NIKKOR lenses depending on the scene to capture. I do most of my post-processing with world leader editing software such as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom.


Professionally printed art work on various materials such as canvas, fine art paper and finishing, to deliver our images at its best. Our print partners will take care of every single details from printing and packing to deliver to your door step.


A rich fine art and high quality portfolio capturing nature at its best. Using natural light, chasing the perfect weather conditions and hunting inspiring places are the main ingredients to create unique images.

About  me

Fabrizio Micciche is a freelancer Italian landscape and portrait photographer living in The Netherlands. He produces a wide variety of unique, custom and on-demand images for Fine Art prints. Each image is professionally shot, selected and uniquely post-edited offering exclusive photos. Fabrizio has been working as freelancer photographer since 2014 and his work has received international attention for his style, composition and colors of his photography.


  • Qlick Gallery, Amsterdam, Netherlands, December 14-16th, 2018
  • New Moment Gallery, Belgrade, Serbia, December 7-10, 2018
  • Berlin Blue Art Gallery, Germany, November 16-18th, 2018
  • Royal Geographical Society in London from 23 July - 21 September 2018 by Earth Photo 2018
  • "Minimalism" exhibition at the Art Nordic - Copenhagen, Denmark, April 20-22, 2018
  • International Thessaloniki contemporary art fair, 23- 26th November, 2017, Thessaloniki (Greece)
  • International Thessaloniki contemporary art fair, 1- 4th December, 2016, Thessaloniki (Greece)
  • MIA PHOTO FAIR 2017, 10 - 13th March 2017, Milan (Italy)
  • Galeria6mas1, Madrid, Spain



  • Honorable Mention Nature: Landscapes Category at the International Photographer of the Year Photography Awards 2016
  • Finalist at the Siena International Photo Award 2017
  • 35AWARDS 2017 Best photos nomination Landscape - daytime at 3rd International Annual Photo Award. Top 60 nomination (worldwide photo). Top 10 Netherlands (photographer)
  • Filmmakers shortlisted for Earth Photo 2018 with the time lapse "4K timelapse of a forest during morning in Spring
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