My forest dream

Who doesn’t venture through a forest path without feeling a surge of memories? The canopy cover of trees that nature provides brings us back to our childhood when we innocently ran through its trails.

Each artworks take the eyes towards the end of the paths by playing with the lights penetrating through the forest and its colorful branches. Lost figures in a sea of colors, blurred and far away, highlighted by the dreamy colors of the forest, whether dark or light.

One can walk the same route everyday but it holds and unveil different secrets every time. There are tall towers with their cloudy foliage above our heads.

Its silence hides the many living in the forest, silently observing as we pass through. Suddenly the sun shines through the tall towers, the rays of light beaming into our eyes leading us on this forest path.
In a world where everything goes too fast, too quick, this series is a refreshing invitation to pause, wonder and reflect.


When you place an order, your artwork will be produced, signed and numbered. A maximum of 45 copies will be printed per artwork. You’ll be one of the few owners of my nature fine art print in the World!