Digital photography book release

It is with great proud to present my first book release. A 6-step guide for beginners with hands-on examples and practical tips to master photography with easy. The book is available on Amazon Kindle worldwide and it will be soon released in paperback. I am so excited about the release … Read More

Magical sunset in Scheveningen

Magical sunset at Scheveningen beach Scheveningen is a modern seaside resort with a long, sandy beach, an esplanade, a pier, and a lighthouse. The beach is popular for water sports such as windsurfing and kite boarding. I cannot hide how much I enjoy sunsets and sunrises at the beach. You … Read More

Under the sky of the De Panne (Belgium) – seascape

De Panne De Panne is a Belgian town on the North Sea, close to the French border. It’s known for its beach and for nature reserves like Westhoek, where dunes and grasslands shelter migratory birds and Highland cattle. The top of Kykhill Dune Park offers views of the century-old Dumont … Read More

Through the landscapes of Texel

Texel Texel is one of the Dutch Wadden Islands, off the coast of the Netherlands. It’s known for the bird-rich Dunes of Texel National Park, with its sandy beaches, grass-topped dunes and forest trails. In the park, Ecomare is a nature museum, aquarium and wildlife sanctuary for seals and birds. … Read More

Filmmakers shortlisted for Earth Photo 2018

With great proud, I am one of the four filmmakers shortlisted for Earth Photo 2018. The films will be shown alongside 50 selected photographs at the Royal Geographical Society in London from 23 July – 21 September 2018. Earth Photo 2018 will also tour to a number of Forestry Commission … Read More


PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOP AUTUMN LIGHT In autumn the days are getting shorter and the beautiful light, often accompanied by a light mist, is coming back. Without any doubts, autumn is one of the most beautiful seasons for a landscape and nature photographer. We will explore some areas of the Mastbos in … Read More


Recently I have visited Scotland. What to say…the most amazing I have even seen. We started our trip in Glencoe for then moving to the Isle of Skye. The landscaping is stunning, people are very friendly and the left driving was quite stressful the first couple of day :). The … Read More

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