Winter is for many a season of darkness, colorless landscape and endless cold. To me winter is just yet another season, a moment to slow down and look for the colorful side in nearly black and white landscape.

Trees become smaller and seemly fragile. Field feels lifeless. The cold wind dries our skin out. But despite it all, winter with its challenging weather shows us its beauty, its power, its mysterious side. We just need to open our eyes to see it.
It was an unusually cold winter in The Netherlands. Chilly winds blowing daily taking the long-waited snow throughout the forest. My alarm clock went off very early this morning. It was still dark outside but a dim light was beautifully reflected from the snow-covered streets.

After a quick warm coffee, I was off to a nearby forest. The landscaping was simply surreal. Almost in black and white. I started to wonder around in true fascination. Lost into the snow and empty forest till a few other adventures morning walkers and a forest inhabitant surprised me in between the white landscape.


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