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Through the landscapes of Texel


Texel is one of the Dutch Wadden Islands, off the coast of the Netherlands. It’s known for the bird-rich Dunes of Texel National Park, with its sandy beaches, grass-topped dunes and forest trails. In the park, Ecomare is a nature museum, aquarium and wildlife sanctuary for seals and birds. On the island's northern tip, the 19th-century Texel Lighthouse offers panoramic views of the North Sea and Wadden Sea.

I had the pleasure and honor to visit this fantastic island twice and I am already looking forward to my next visit. Overall it is a small island that can be explored either by car or by bike but it is so rich from a nature stand point that I would not mind spending a few days visiting and re-visiting the same places. No matter how you travel around, amazing dunes and seascapes will pop at every corner. I was lucky enough to experience amazing sunsets but also stormy weather. Both scenarios offer so much photography experiences. Here are some of my best shots. Am I done with Texel? Nope! I have not eve started :).

As nature lover, please keep quiet and do not leave any trash behind. Maintaining nature beautiful and respect wildlife is everyone’s responsibility.

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