Fabrizio Micciche is a freelancer Italian landscape and portrait photographer living in The Netherlands. He produces a wide variety of unique, custom and on-demand images for Fine Art prints. Each image is professionally shot, selected and uniquely post-edited offering exclusive photos. Fabrizio has been working as freelancer photographer since 2014 and his work has received international attention for his style, composition and colors of his photography.

First book release

It is with great proud to present my first book release. A 6-step guide for beginners with hands-on examples and practical tips to master photography with easy. The book is available on Amazon Kindle worldwide and it will be soon released in paperback.

I am so excited about the release of this book!! I thought about writing it for a long time and it is finally out. Photography and teaching have been part of my life for a very long time and this book is giving me the opportunity to bring my passion to others across the globe.

There are lots of books out there on learning digital photography. So the first question I asked myself was: what more can I bring? I interviewed lots of beginners and advanced photographers and most of the time the same arguments were brought on the table. Photography books are often very long, use difficult words and lack hands-on exercises.
With this fundamentals at hands, I then decided to create a simple book that covers the most important aspects and fundamentals of photography to get everyone started. I am typically not a good reader when it comes to very thick books. This is why I condensed complex topics into simple concepts. Looking back on how I started in photography, I believe on the power of short practical tips and some easy-to-try exercises to put in practice what you have learnt.
I wish everyone lots of fun in undertaking the wonderful journey of photography. Happy learning 🙂

High Quality Prints

What about having one of my image on your wall? You can buy your print in 3 simple steps: choose your style, choose the material (canvas, photopaper, metal, wood) and finally choose the size. You can pay online and have your artwork delivered at the shipping address of your preference. Easy, no? Please contact me for any special format or delivery you might have.

On-demand work

Can’t find the image you need on my website? No worries because I also work on custom and on-demand projects to fulfill your wished. This include custom post-editing of exiting images or new images. Whether you are a private, an interior designer or an art gallery you are welcome to contact me. Together we will create the image you need.



I create unique and exclusive landscape, cityscapes, nature and fine art images that will inspire you. Each image is professionally shot, selected and uniquely post-edited offering exclusive photos. Although post-editing is used to give a special touch and feel to our portfolio, inspiring locations, natural light and ideal weather conditions remain key elements to give authenticity to our portfolio.

Hi. I am a photographer
I capture life. moments. emotions. impressions

Wallpaper for interior design

Wallpaper is a beautiful way to decorate interiors. Restyling a wall with an image will bring a totally fresh, outstanding and new ambiance to your space. No matter it is your own home, a restaurant, a hotel room or an office space, a wallpaper will make you feel in a new environment. My work is sold to decorate many interior areas and I will look forward to seeing my image in yours.

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Waterscape Photography

I am proud to add to my collections a series of seascape and sunset photos. Every image is rich in colors bringing back the beauty and deepness of winter sunsets. The sea is a key element of these images enriched with light reflections. Dreamy, colorful and romantic images to give a warm touch to your interior.

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